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By on October 1, 2018

After way too long we are getting back onto updating our website after several months of being locked out, now we will get the ball rolling again.

Since our last post we have seen a few new releases out and more in the works, here’s some info!

PUM126 – 2 SICK MONKEYS – Into Oblivion

This is the final album from one of the UK’s most important bands, 2 Sick Monkeys. Pete and Fred have worked endlessly playing everywhere from Cornwall to Japan, over 1000 gigs and are calling it a day. Into Oblivion is a mammoth 20 track album, double 12” on green wax and in a way, the band kind of tell a tale of their 14 years as a band starting with ‘Theme From The Monkeys’ to the aptly named ‘Leaving’ with a few songs about fucking council tax for good measure. This has been one we have been working on for some time and now it is finally out, and nearly sold out!

PUM131 – RASH DECISION – Karoshi

Rash Decision are a band who have been us since day one, even friends since the days of ‘Dammit’ for those that remember. Somehow Rash Decision have got some sort of formula that makes each release get better and better, absolutely relentless ripping thrash punk from Cornwall, again playing up and down the continent regularly and tearing venues in two. This one is out on 12” with limited copies left.

PUM133 – SWANSONG – Glue

This is our first release from Swansong, and hopefully one of many more. Since first hearing them we have loved them, 90’s grunge sound with members of F. Emasculata and Rash Decision. We have put this one out on CD but with any luck we will see some vinyl releases from Swansong in the future. Nat (vocals/guitar) also makes a great zine called ‘Ugly Love’ which you should check out.

To find our physical release, head to our webstore at www.pumpkinrecords.co.uk and for digital downloads, head over to our Bandcamp at www.pumpkinrecords.bandcamp.com.

Nice one!

Matt, Bo and Col x