Pumpkin Records help to run a human/animal rights benefit festival every September called Common Ground (formally Dirty Weekend). Here is the blurb and links.

“Common Ground is a politically conscious benefit festival, organised a by a small collective of like minded people, who want to put on an event that helps to raise awareness and funds for campaigns and organisations that we feel passionate about.

We believe in working together showing mutual aid, love and compassion. So, though there is a core of the collective who organise the festival, we are helped by many people and want this to be a festival that includes all. As such Common Ground stands against hate, oppression or disempowerment to anyone.

To expand on this, we feel that people need to look beyond what they would normally see as these issues, not only are we talking about people, but also animals and the earth. Whether spray painting a tree, the misuse of shared spaces or contributing to an unclean environment and showing disrespect to the land (i.e. littering, animal waste) we feel that this is an act of disempowerment towards a collective space.

We want this space to be safe, whether for humans, animals or the earth.”

WEBSITE: Common Ground Festival

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/commongrounduk

FACEBOOK EVENT: www.facebook.com/events/1678735105731036